On an average almost 40,000 people die due to a road accident in the US every year, and close to an additional 4.4million who get seriously injured. Perhaps these numbers make minor car crashes appear as something to be ignored.

However, the fact of the matter is that even the most minor, seemingly harmless accidents can lead to extremely grave conditions if left unattended. A lot of times symptoms begin to appear more than 24, 48 or even 36 hours of the accident and sometimes it might be too late.

So if you have been involved in a minor crash, although you may feel fine, it is best to play safe and protect yourself by seeing a doctor right after the accident.

Minor Crash

I feel fine, so I needn’t visit a doctor.

Car accidents are frightening events and may often cause serious injuries that need medical treatment. But if you have been involved in a minor accident and haven’t got seriously injured, then it is a myth to believe that you don’t need any medical care for minor injuries. Many people end up treating minor injuries at home and do not seek help from a medical practitioner.

While minor cuts or bruises can certainly be treated at home, other invisible injuries like whiplash or a concussion may become serious if left untreated. A car accident injury or health complications may take time to manifest. Brain injury, head injury, neck injury, and lower back injury are difficult to detect without proper diagnosis, and their severity increases over time.

Minor Crash

You cannot get injured in minor accidents.

There’s another common misconception that a “minor” crash can’t leave you injured.

Fact: The truth is that you can get hurt even in low speed rear-end car crash. Even a minor collision can injure the ligaments of your neck, resulting in scar tissue and reduced mobility. A minor ache or pain could be the first sign of a chronic condition that worsens over time.


Let the team at Central Healthcare Center do a full physical examination and thorough diagnostic testing to identify any potential injuries caused by the minor crash. Based on your health condition, we will prescribe a proper course of treatment to help you fully recover from your injuries.

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