Everyone feels pain now and then due to minor injuries. When the injury heals, you stop feeling the pain. But with chronic pain, it is different. Your body keeps feeling pain for many weeks, months, or even years after the injury has healed.

Chronic pain can vary from person to person and can range from mild to severe. It can continue persistently, day after day, or come and go. There may be sudden flashes of more intense pain due to increased stress or activity. If there is emotional stress, your pain can become even worse.

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A woman suffering chronic neck pain on her neck
Emotions and Pain Linkage : 

The link between your emotions and chronic pain creates a vicious cycle. When you are experiencing pain, you can easily get depressed. This can worsen your pain. This linkage between pain and depression makes doctors prescribe antidepressants to treat chronic pain.

Stress, Sleep, and Pain Linkage :

 Pain also disturbs your sleep and increases your stress levels. Both, lack of sleep and increased stress levels can make your pain feel stronger.If you were injured and the pain still persists, then you must consult a doctor to find relief from pain. 

Chronic pain
Symptoms of Chronic Pain :
  • A dull ache, or throbbing and  shooting pain
  • Pain in joints or Muscle ache
  • Feeling very tired or Lack of appetite
  • Burning or stinging pain
  • Soreness or Stiffness
  • Weakness/lack of energy
  • Reduced stamina and flexibility
  • Insomnia or Depression
  • Anxiety,Irritability or Suicidal tendency
  • Drug or alcohol abuse

Chronic pain can be baffling, but it can be treated. A combination of treatments, such as physical therapy, counseling, and relaxation techniques, can help relieve your pain and the other symptoms. At Central Healthcare Center, no matter what your injury is, we take your healing seriously!  We do a thorough diagnosis to identify the cause of pain and then prescribe the right treatment.

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