Injuries that take place while playing sports or exercising are called Sports Injuries. Some of the most common sports injuries include sprains, fractures, strained back, swollen muscles, knee injuries, and dislocations. The symptoms vary depending on the type of sports injury you have acquired.

There are two types of sports injuries: Acute injuries and Chronic injuries. Acute Injuries occur suddenly while playing a sport or exercising. If untreated, acute injuries may lead to a chronic syndrome. Chronic Injuries, also known as overuse injuries, develops and worsens over a long period of time due to the overuse of a body part while playing a sport or exercising.

Sports Injury _common Symptoms
Symptoms of Chronic Sports Injuries:
  • Pain while playing a sport or exercising
  • Swelling
  • A subtle ache while you rest
  • Persistent discomfort

Unlike chronic injuries, the symptoms of acute injuries typically occur within two weeks of sustaining the injury.

Symptoms of Acute Sports Injuries:
    • Sudden acute pain and discomfort
    • Severe Swelling/Soreness/Inflammation
    • Redness of skin, blackening of skin/bruising
    • Numbness / tingling / bumps/ lumps in a body part
    • Extreme Tenderness in arm, hand, wrist, finger or elbow
    • Stiffness/Reduced mobility in a joint
    • Inability to put weight on foot, leg, knee, or ankle
    • Weakness of arm or leg (inability to walk or lift your arm)
    • Visibly dislocated or Crunching sounds while using a joint
    • Instability of a joint (feels loose/lack of support)
    • Headache, dizziness, or short term memory loss

If you have recently sustained an injury while playing or exercising, then you should seek immediate medical help. At Central Healthcare Center, we do a thorough diagnosis to identify all potential injuries that may be causing pain or any other symptoms. Based on the diagnosis, we will prescribe the best course of treatment for your injuries.

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