Best Treatment for Radicular Pain in Los Angeles, California!

Radiculopathy is an injury to the nerve root caused by nerve root impingement or compression. Radicular/Radiating pain is a symptom of nerve root impingement.

Common Symptoms of Radiculopathy :
  • Deep, throbbing pain along the path of the nerve
  • Weakness of the muscles supplied by the nerve and difficulty in controlling them
  • Abnormal sensations like numbness, burning and tingling along the nerve
Radicular Pain
What Causes of Radicular Pain?

Radiculopathy or radicular pain is a common problem that develops after an accident. It can significantly damage your discs, muscles, ligaments, and the nerves traveling throughout the spine from the neck to the lower back. You feel the shooting pain travel down the length of the nerve and in all the areas supplied by the nerve. The pain is most common in the lower back (lumbar) and neck.

Why Shouldn’t You Ignore Radicular Pain?

Chronic radiating pain adversely affects your personal and professional life. It impacts your ability to work and hence, leads to loss of income and additional expenses towards treatment. So, if your radicular pain has started to bother you, then you must seek immediate medical help.

Treatment for Radicular Pain

At Central Healthcare Center, we help people deal with radicular pain and provide treatments based on the severity of the case. For a severe injury, you may need surgery. But for a mild injury, treatment options include:

  • Rest and collar immobilization to limit neck movement and allow time for the injury to heal
  • Pain medications, including anti-inflammatory drugs and/or steroids to help recovery and reduce inflammation of the injured area.
  • Physical therapy throughout treatment to regain strength

No matter how severe is your radicular pain, we provide the best treatment and care at CHC. Call us at (213) 984-4575 to schedule an appointment today!

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