Physiotherapy is, in essence, the application of pressure in different forms for the purpose of eliminating pain and discomfort. It is also an extremely critical step in the recovery process of an injury where it helps to restore strength and freedom of movement.

Physical therapist assisting young caucasian woman with exercise with dumbbell during rehabilitation in the gym at hospital. Female physiotherapist training a patient in physiotherapy center.
Types of Physiotherapy Treatment :
Hand on Treatments [Manual and with Machines]

This sort of treatment involves the application of pressure on the body directly either with bare hands or with the use of machines. This is normally done to loosen and release stiff muscles and joints. These treatments allow targeting muscle tissue and joints to reduce pain, tension, dysfunction and spasms which indirectly leads to pain relief and relaxation.


This kind of physiotherapy uses electrical energy as part of the medical treatment. An electric current is passed through the affected part of the body. The intensity of it depends on the ailment it is trying to solve but is normally of a mild nature. This treatment helps in the healing process, rehabilitation of range of motion, and in increasing the flow of blood in the area through nerve stimulation, laser therapy and more.


This form of physiotherapy is conducted in a pool of warm water. The properties of water like buoyancy helps facilitate the treatment by reducing the stress that is inflicted on joints due to the actual weight of the body. Other properties of water including the warm temperature add to the feeling of calm and relaxation to the process, creating a further positive impact on the treatment.

Other Treatments

Other types of physiotherapy include pediatric physiotherapy where the therapist needs to be aware and conscious of the stage of development of the child’s growing body; neurological physiotherapy for patients who face trouble with movement of body parts due to nerve damage. This kind of treatment helps restore sensation, functionality and strength. Cardio-respiratory physiotherapy is another specialization which helps treat people with heart and lung injuries or diseases and is ideal for those suffering from chronic cough, trouble with breathing and loss of energy.

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