Our body, especially the skin, bears the brunt of everyday life including the pollution, sun, rain, dust, and other surrounding conditions. It is time to give back! A deep facial and massage not only fights back the damage of daily wear and tear on the skin, but also leaves it feeling more fresh, smooth, and soft. Ideal for those with skin conditions like excessive oil or acne, try out a deep cleansing facial and see the difference for yourself!

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Deep Cleansing Facial

Skin conditions like acne, dryness, and oily skin, can all be taken care of via regular deep cleansing facials. Try one today.


[Total  Time: 55 Min]

Deep Cleansing Facial + Microdermabrasion

Avail this offer to tone out unevenness in your skin ranging from its texture, light scarring, sun damage or  stretch marks.


[Total  Time: 65 Min]

Mini Facial + 30 Min Massage

If you are pressed on time, this offer is for you. Get a quick facial and massage, and walk out looking, and feeling your best!


[Total  Time: 60 Min]

Deep Cleansing Facial + 30 Min Massage

 In the mood for some self-love? Try this combo offer and feel the stress of everyday life melt off your mind and body in one go.


[Total  Time: 90 Min]

Deep Cleansing Includes

Cleansing - Skin Analysis - Extractions - Mask - Toner - Moisturizer - SPF - Microdermabrasion
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